Youngsters must Learn for Baber Azam, says Ex England Skipper


Just In: Former England Captain Nasser Hussain advises youngsters to learn from Baber Azam. The cricketer-turned commentator ranked Baber Azam above Joe Root, Virat Kohli, and Kane Williamson while talking about the best cover drives.

Answering the host on the most delightful strokes in cricket, Naseer Hussain has rated Pakistan’s Skipper over famous Cricket personalities. “If I have to pick one cover drive to suggest to youngsters, then it would be Baber Azam’s,” says Ex English Skipper.

“Sorry Indian Fans I’m gonna be biased and go with Baber Azam. I nearly went with Kohli. He has the fast flick of the wrist but Baber Azam has the conventional way of playing it and I must rank him above Kohli”, Hussain added.

The right-handed Pakistan Team Skipper, Baber Azam, is currently the only cricketer who grabs top-three positions across all formats in the ICC’s batting rankings. He stands top in ODI cricket and third in test cricket.

Recently, Azam named the record for Fastest Asian batsman to reach the landmark of 10000 runs, overtaking the great Virat Kohli. Baber Azam will appear in action in the upcoming tour of the Netherlands, starting on 16th August 2022.


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