Virat Kohli 76 Runs Highlights vs South Africa ICC T20 World Cup Final 2024


Howdy, everyone! Welcome to PtvSports’s coverage of India vs South Africa At Bridgetown ICC T20 World Cup IND vs SA Live @ Ptv Sports. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning in Bridgetown. Watch Virat Kohli 76 Runs Highlights vs South Africa ICC T20 World Cup Final 2024.

Jansen to Kohli, OUT

Drags the length back, swung in the air, down to wide long-on, and Kohli is done! It’s been a significant knock, but is it the title-winner? All will be revealed

Virat Kohli c Rabada b Jansen 76 (59b 6×4 2×6 87m) SR: 128.81

India 163/5Virat Kohli 76 (59b 6×4 2×6)

More runs for Kohli today (76) than in his first seven innings of this WC (75), says Matt Roller

Vicky: “They don’t call him the ‘King’ just for namesake. A king steps up in the toughest of times. Cometh the hour cometh the man!!! Had a quite tournament but he is scoring when it matters!! ‘King’ Kohli for a reason!!!”

Jansen to Kohli, SIX runs

Another slot ball, another slam-dunk! Outside off, in Kohli’s arc, and if the first six was a bit of a mishit, this is utterly munched over wide midwicket!

Jansen to Kohli, FOUR runs

Full toss, on the pads, free runs! Maybe Markram shouldn’t have kept the faith after all. Pretty poor ball at this crucial stage, whipped through backward square

Jansen to Kohli, (no ball)

Full length outswinger, Jansen reckon Kohli has nicked this, but he’s overstepped! It was sent upstairs, then straight back down again for a free hit…

Rabada to Kohli, SIX runs

Kohli goes long at last! Length ball outside off, and that’s what you want on this pitch. A full slap over long-on, not perfectly timed but cleared by a distance

Rabada to Kohli, OUT

Is this a run-out or overthrows?! South Africa seem very sure it’s the former! And it is! De Kock picks up an attempted flick off the legs from Kohli, swooping and shying at the far end! The ball beat Axar’s bat by three inches, then deflected away to the rope at long-off! Huge, huge moment! Axar wanted the single, but Kohli had his back to him, and he couldn’t get back in time!

Mel : “watching from US just woke up here at 7.15AM, and looks like I am watching 2023 WC final on repeat. What’s the score on which I can say that there will be a fighting match till end of 2nd inning?” It’s not been the full throttle drive that they have managed elsewhere in the tournament. That’s the pressure of finals. And of losing Rohit early. But SA will surely feel it too when their turn comes to bat

Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR runs

Short, wide, slapped. Just sits up and Kohli stands up and whacks it away to the left of cover

Abhijeet: “Rohit does it again. Successful in other games failure in finals. His super aggression doing more harm to the team than the good.” — What a wonderful thing hindsight is. A strategy is obviously good when it works, and obviously bad when it doesn’t.

Can’t fault India for simply knocking the ball around for singles in that over, but they can’t stay in that mode for too long. Dube, Hardik and Jadeja still to come.

South Africa will need 177 to win, as India post the highest score in a T20 World Cup final. Is it enough though? Virat Kohli was the mainstay, but only hindsight will be able to say if his tempo through the middle overs was sufficient. Axar Patel and Shivam Dube kept swinging at 150+ strike-rates though to ensure the innings never stalled. Marco Jansen had a tough day out, but Nortje with 2 for 26 closed ranks well.

Shadow-Shell: “India looked behind the 8-ball for most of the innings, but somehow they’ve got 176. The innings if Kohli will be talked about for a long time, one way or another” That is an inevitability… much like his 77 from 58 in the 2014 final


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