Sharjeel Khan Breaks Glass Window with Power Hitting in KPL – [Video]


Just In: The 2nd season of the Kashmir Premier League is currently underway in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. In last night’s match, Jammu Janbaz claimed their opening victory of the tournament by defeating the Overseas Warriors with a sizzling margin of five wickets.

The match between Jammu Janbaz and the Overseas Warriors was full of drama as the game was first affected by bad weather, and then cricket fans witnessed a hat-trick from Sohail Khan and some hard-hitting from Sharjeel’s Khan bat.

After winning the toss, the Overseas Warrior decided to bat first. However, without marking any significant performance, the batting side bold out on 101 runs. In response, various Jammu Batters showcased their extraordinary skills to entertain fans in a low-scoring game.

Notable batters from Jammu include Shahzab with 40 runs of 18 balls, Azaz Khan with 17, and Sharjeel Khan with 29 runs on 18 balls. Sharjeel innings consist of four boundaries and two sixes, with one breaking the glass window.

The left-handed batsman was facing young Umaid Asif when a good-length delivery from medium pacer fell on Sharjeel’s favorite hitting zone, and he smashed it outside the ground without thinking a second. The bowl hit the glass window, leaving it in pieces.

Later in the innings, Sohail Khan from the Overseas Warrior impressed everyone with his maiden hat-trick of the tournament. The young pacer conceded only 14-runs, while Umar Akmal was one of his three consecutive targets.


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