Iftikhar Ahmed expressed the sadness of the team over the defeat against India


Every player in the team is still sad about this defeat, Iftikhar Ahmed.

National cricket team’s middle-order batsman Iftikhar Ahmed has said that the Pakistan team was very “heartbroken” and is still in pain after losing to arch-rivals India in the Twenty20 World Cup.

In their very first group match in the T20 World Cup, Pakistan were defeated by India after a thrilling encounter.

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In the match against India, Iftikhar Ahmed scored a brilliant half-century but despite his excellent batting, he still regrets the defeat by India.

During an interview on Wednesday, Iftikhar Ahmed said that we were heartbroken to lose such a big match, his injury is still there.

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Iftikhar Ahmed said that the way captain Babar Azam and the management supported the players after the loss against India was good, he told us that this was not our last match, everyone tried hard, because of these things. Our spirits are high.

Regarding the match against Zimbabwe on October 27, Iftikhar Ahmed said that Zimbabwe is an international team and we have to play our best against them like any other team. It is important for us to play well and maintain confidence. Our players are eager to perform.