Preparations to re-install the statue of former footballer Zidane in Qatar


In 2013, the statue was removed following objections from various quarters.

Qatar begins preparations to reinstall French footballer Zidane’s statue The statue was removed in 2013 after objections from the religious community.

The protestors said that installing this human-shaped statue encourages idolatry, it should be noted that it is not customary to install statues in public places in Arab countries.

The statue, created by an Algerian-French artist, depicts the moment in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final match when Zidane head-butted Italy’s Marco Mitarzi, which resulted in Zidane being sent off. And Italy defeated France on penalties in this match.

Sheikha Al Mayasa Al Thani, chairperson of Qatar Museum, says that societies change but it takes time, then people accept the change. He said that Zidane is the best friend of Qatar and a role model for the Arab world, this art has highlighted your behavior and mental health under pressure.

He said that according to him, the installation of this statue on the beach in Doha was not right and he would like this statue to be installed in the new Sports Museum of Doha, where this year’s Football World Cup will be hosted.