PCB proposes PSL Franchises to opt Auction Model instead of Draft Model


Just In: Rumors regarding the change of PSL’s draft model have turned out to be verified as the Pakistan Cricket Board proposes PSL Franchises to opt Auction Model instead of Payer’s Drafting Model for the upcoming Pakistan Premier League season.

According to higher-ranked PCB officials, the Auction Model will make it easier to attract more foreign cricketers to Pakistan Super League as they will receive more incentives and match fees under this model. Some reports also claim that PCB is interested in acquiring the IPL-style auction model to expedite the league’s growing process.

However, various PSL Franchise owners haven’t shown their interest or excitement about the proposal as they opine that the Auction Model will increase the Financial Burden on them, while PCB will get most of its parts as a primary beneficiary.

In addition, the Franchise owners have shown disagreement and ambiguities on a few details being not cleared in the sent proposal. They questioned PCBs’ efforts to make the new model successful and their contacts with foreign players to invite them to play in the league.

Now, the Franchise owners are demanding a direct meeting with PCB chairman Ramiz Raja to discuss intricate details of the auction model. If the engaging parties agree on tangled points of the proposal, then the new auction model would likely introduce from PSL 2024 onwards.


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