FIFA trophy unveiled in Pakistan


French footballer Cristiano Crembo unveiled the trophy.

After traveling to different countries, the FIFA World Cup trophy reached Pakistan.

The main ceremony of the official unveiling of the Qatar 2022 Football Cup trophy took place at a local hotel in Lahore.

The FIFA World Cup trophy was flown from Tashkent to Lahore by a chartered plane, the trophy was brought by former French footballer Christian Crembeau who was part of France’s winning football team in 1998. On this occasion, Pakistani women footballer Hajira Khan was also present to receive the FIFA trophy.

While talking to the media, Hajra Khan said that the arrival of the FIFA World Cup trophy to Pakistan is welcome.

The trophy will be sent to other countries tonight from Lahore.

It is also worth mentioning here that this is the second time that the FIFA World Cup trophy has visited Pakistan, in 2018 the FIFA trophy was also brought to Lahore.

It should be noted that six months before the start of the FIFA World Cup, the World Cup trophy’s worldwide journey began at the FIFA headquarters in Dubai, where the winners of the FIFA World Cup, Acker Casilla and Kaka presented the original FIFA Trophy Tour for exhibition. was

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has been hosted by the Gulf country of Qatar this year, where the series of thrilling and exciting competitions will continue from November 21 to December 18.

Interesting thing

According to the FIFA rules, the right to hold this trophy is either the World Cup winning player or the FIFA president or heads of state.