Kohli needs to bat “Freely” to shrug off his lean patch, says Aqib Javed


Just In: Former Pakistan cricketer Aqib Javed thinks Baber Azam will never face a lean patch as Kohli due to his better batting techniques. He advises stalwart Kohli to play freely as that’s the only way for him to overcome this declining period.

Virat Kohli, who is facing an unexpected lean patch during the peak time of his cricketing career, is now ready to participate in Asia Cup 2022. Kohli opted to rest after displaying a slump performance during England’s tour. The star cricket hasn’t participated against West Indies and would not be part of the upcoming series against Zimbabwe.

After a much-needed break from cricket, everyone is not expecting Kohli to perform big in the Asia Cup 2022. In addition, it would be the only chance for the former Indian skipper to shrug off the criticism due to continuous poor performance.

Meanwhile, Pakistan skipper Baber Azam is attaining new milestones with his bat, and his comparison with Kohli is a hot topic of discussion in the cricketing world. Azam is almost near reaching the same fame that once the great Kohli enjoyed.

Recently, Retired Pakistani Cricketer Aqib Javeed shared his words about two batters. According to him, big players like Joe Root, Kane Williamson, and Baber Azam could never face such a lean patch as Kohli faced as they are technical-sound players and know how to overcome their weaknesses.

While speaking on a Local Sports Channel Aqib said, “There are two types of great players. One is players who, if they get stuck, their rough patch continues for a long time. The others are technically-sound players, whose rough cannot continue that long, like Kane Williamson, Baber Azam, and Joe Root.”

Kohli gets stuck at times with those deliveries outside off stump. Anderson has targeted that a million time. To come out of it, he can try playing a big knock without being conscious. That will help him sustain a purple patch for long time”, further added by Aqib Javeed.